Goblin seems like any other ordinary small town. But with the master storyteller Josh Malerman as your tour guide, you’ll discover the secrets that hide behind its closed doors. These six novellas tell the story of a place where the rain is always falling, nighttime is always near, and your darkest fears and desires await. Welcome to Goblin. . . .

A Man in Slices: A man proves his “legendary love” to his girlfriend with a sacrifice even more daring than Vincent van Gogh’s—and sends her more than his heart.

Kamp: Walter Kamp is afraid of everything, but most afraid of being scared to death. As he sets traps around his home to catch the ghosts that haunt him, he learns that nothing is more terrifying than fear itself.

Happy Birthday, Hunter!: A famed big-game hunter is determined to capture—and kill—the ultimate prey: the mythic Great Owl who lives in Goblin’s dark forests. But this mysterious creature is not the only secret the woods are keeping.

Presto: All Peter wants is to be like his hero, Roman Emperor, the greatest magician in the world. When the famous magician comes to Goblin, Peter discovers that not all magic is just an illusion.

A Mix-Up at the Zoo: The new zookeeper feels a mysterious kinship with the animals in his care . . . and finds that his work is freeing dark forces inside him.

The Hedges: When his wife dies, a man builds a hedge maze so elaborate no one ever solves it—until a little girl resolves to be the first to find the mysteries that wait at its heart.

Praise for Goblin

“It’s that time of year once again, when horror is in the air, a celebrated author is called up, and Earthling churns out another Halloween masterpiece. This year, the newest superstar in the genre, Josh Malerman, takes the helm and delivers one of the best offerings in the history of the series. This book, comprised of a sextet of short novellas, takes the small-town motif and shreds it, molding it into something that fills the reader with uneasy pleasure from cover to cover. The mythology about Goblin’s history is richly drawn within these stories and connects them with a style that keeps the pages turning. Malerman has created a town that may even be darker than something that King, Grant, and Bradbury have had nightmares about. Goblin is all Malerman and should be listed on every horror reader’s itinerary of places to visit, with the lights turned low and the night breeze creeping into the room. An incredible Halloween find for all.”

Dave Simms
Cemetery Dance Online

Goblin is a mesmerizing, terrifying tight-rope walk.”

Clive Barker

“Malerman has created a Derry for a new generation.”

Sarah Pinborough

Goblin is another triumph from Josh Malerman.”

Christopher Golden

“A perfectly-realized universe that’s sometimes hilarious, and often horrifying.”

Mark Alan Miller

Goblin’s charm will beckon you, its citizens will dance like ghosts in your mind.”

James Henry Hall

Goblin proves what I’ve been saying for the last few years: Malerman is becoming one of the true greats in weird fiction. He is the genre’s new dark prince!”

Jonathan Maberry

“Josh Malerman has not only written the best book I’ve read this year; with Goblinhe’s written the best book I’ve read in the last few years. The pages couldn’t be turned quickly enough. Goblin is an absolute triumph, wonderful characters, fantastic stories and in Goblin, a place you will want to return to again and again.”

Kendall Reviews