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Your Boy

The dummy worked. The dummy worked well. Until…

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A Fiddlehead Party on Carpenter's Farm IN Shadows Over Main Street

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The Carpenters are growing more than crops out on their farm, and one meal with them can lead to a whole new perspective, one that does resemble the person you once were.

Who Is Bringing Milk to Me? IN Out of Tune - Book 2

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A young, crippled girl is obsessed with seeing the face of the milkman, the man she hears outside the family’s shack once a week. But when she leaves him a note on the front porch, telling him she can’t walk on her own, asking him to come see her in the back bedroom, she realizes that monsters, in this world, are real.

The One You Live With IN Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories

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Dana’s mom warned her about “the two yous.” The public you and the private you and how sometimes one tries very hard to get rid of the other.

The Givens Sensor Board IN Lost Signals

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Every grave in every graveyard in America is fitted with the GivensSensor, a button to be pressed by anybody so unfortunate to have been buried alive. But what does a teenage nightwatchman do if the Givens Sensor Board starts blinking in the middle of the night, and the indicated plot is occupied by a madman?

The Bigger Bedroom IN Chiral Mad

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Two brothers flip a coin for the bigger bedroom. But sometimes having more space is a loss.

Danny IN Scary Out There

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Kelly is excited for her first babysitting gig. But when the couple tell her the truth about their son, she begins to second guess her coming.

Matter IN Cemetary Dance Issue 74-75

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Aunt Muriel believed she could walk through walls, so she stood facing one, her fingertips inches from the wallpaper, six or seven hours a day.

The Jupiter Drop IN You, Human

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Steve Ringwald signs up to experience the newest in interstellar thrill-rides, the Jupiter Drop, in which he will spend two months free falling through the gas giant in a Plexiglas apartment. The brochure insists there is no life on Jupiter; if you see life on Jupiter you are mistaken. So how does Steve reconcile what he witnesses in the chaotic storms he travels through, and how should he feel about the fact that it’s getting closer?

Vision 1 IN I Can Taste the Blood

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A desert dwelling family receives a frightening late-night knock on the door, then bear witness to the dazzling tale of a man running from a fiend through the sandy world they live in.