On This, The Day of the Pig

For years, farmer Walter Kopple has been wary of his odd pig Pearl. Some days Kopple’s even afraid of him. But it’s not until Pearl convinces the farmer’s grandson to murder a fellow pig in the pen that Pearl realizes the extent of his own psychic power. Rumor of the killing spreads fast in small town Chowder, and between the teenagers who come looking for the “telepathic pig,” the farmer’s daughter who knows he must be stopped, and the town leaders who come to kill him, Pearl is gonna see just how strong his mind has gotten, on this, the day of the pig.

An Excerpt from “On This, The Day of the Pig”

Jeff looked over his shoulder back to the hidden pigpen.

Pearl was all he could see. Pearl. Sitting on his ass like a person might, his front hooves limp at the sides of his belly, his head was cocked slightly to the side, his pink ears straight high above his head. His bad eye looked dark, hidden, but his good one was fixed on Jeff.

In it, Jeff saw an intelligence that scared him.

A half smile appeared under the pig’s snout, or maybe it was just the way his lips naturally curled up at their ends.

Jeff fingered the latch. Pearl watched him. Staring. Assessing. Planning?

Jeff pulled his fingers away. A streak of shame ran down his back, like he’d come close to letting something very bad out of the pen…